Pipe work upgrade for VW Golf 150PD European models

allard golf tdi150 arl pipe kit Pipe work upgrade for VW Golf 150PD European models In addition to the various intercooler upgrades that Allard Motor Company produces for the VAG range, Allard now offer an upgraded pipe work option for all 150PD based cars. The original intercooler on the 150PD model is larger in size than the smaller output models and can handle initial tuning upgrades (re-map, air filter etc) efficiently before it needs to be up rated.

However, Allard Motor Company have found that customers want the aesthetic appearance that is associated with the front mount intercooler Kit Allard produces, so subsequently they have now available only an aluminium pipe upgrade that connects to the original intercooler.

The kit contains the upper and lower boost pipes along with all the connecting hoses and fixings, basically everything needed to make the job of fitting as simple as possible. Also included in the kit is the EGR replacement pipe. This replaces the standard diaphragm that attaches to the inlet manifold, which re-circulates exhaust gasses back into the inlet system to control emissions; this unfortunately reduces power and inhibits the air flow in to the engine. The Allard EGR replacement kit therefore removes the restriction of the factory part and gives a slight power increase, in addition to looking the part too.

You can find more details about the pipe upgrade, the complete intercooler kit and other conversions on the Allard Motor Company website.

pinit fg en rect gray 20 Pipe work upgrade for VW Golf 150PD European models

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  1. Metal Pipes ! This is the best picture I found yet

  2. jaime moura says:

    olá. gostaria de saber o material que voçes têm para o vw golf tdi pd150 … para o motor.intercooler turbo injectores tudo para ganhar potençia.obrigado

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