Forge Twintake system

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Standard air intake systems tend to be very restrictive sacrificing engine power or efficiency in order to eliminate engine noise. Replacing a stock air box on many cars is a relatively simple task, often accomplishable with relatively few hand tools and little or no experience in automotive service. Forge Motorsport has an innovative intake system that looks awesome, but also is a good power upgrade to your engine.

The Twintake induction system from Forge replaces your stock air box and filter with their new tubing and twin filter set up. With the twin filters, it pulls air from two different locations for maximum power. Forge has shown gains of up to 17hp over the stock air box. The kit comes with black tubing and black silicone hoses with all parts necessary for a bolt on installation. All the parts required are included in the Kit. This kit is available in Black only with Black hoses.

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The Twintake system is currently available for the 2.0 liter versions of the VW MK5 Golf FSI and TSI. This kit will fit the FSI engine, or the TSI with CCTA engine code. The filters used in this kit are non-oiled cotton gauze filters that can be cleaned periodically if deemed necessary based on the climate you live in, and how dirty your filters get.

The next video shows also some more details and you can ear the sound of this intake. More details here: Forge Motorsport

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