SuperPro VW Ball Joint SuperPro Supaloy & Roll Control Products for VAG Applications

SuperPro Supaloy & Roll Control Products for VAG Applications

Respected chassis specialist SuperPro has released several exciting new suspension enhancements for VW Group cars, offering enthusiasts the chance to dramatically improve the handling and control of their vehicles without ruining ride or refinement. The parts fit many key VW, Seat, Skoda and Audi models like the Golf, Leon, Toledo, A3 and Octavia.

The all-new Supaloy light-weight aluminium control arms for MK5 & MK6 Golf based cars from the various Volkswagen Audi Group manufacturers are now available from stock in Europe and represent the latest innovation from SuperPro. Combining the class-leading performance of SuperPro polyurethane suspension bushes with lightweight, high-stress & corrosion resistant metal-alloy arms, delivering a 44% reduction in un-sprung weight when compared with VAG original cast steel arms. The package is supplied with the separate rear mounting bracket as standard, making installation for the workshop a straightforward process.

SuperPro Supaloy Arm Kit SuperPro Supaloy & Roll Control Products for VAG Applications

The SuperPro polyurethane bushes are pre-fitted to the arm. The material’s free pivoting characteristics, combined with high levels of resilience, ensures that the car’s wheels are positively located – resulting in improved steering precision & feedback. The offset rear control arm bush also dials in extra caster for greater straight line stability and turn-in.

Even if there is no need to replace the complete arm, drivers can still enjoy some of the benefits by fitting just the rear bush & mounting bracket. This will improve the location of the original arm and also has the pre-set offset for caster increase.

SuperPro Rear Control Arm Mount SuperPro Supaloy & Roll Control Products for VAG Applications

To complete the package, SuperPro have added to their Roll-control range an adjustable ball joint which can be used in combination with the original VAG arm or as the finishing touch for the new Supaloy arms. Featuring an extended ball pin for roll-centre adjustment and a slotted mounting plate for camber adjustment, adding this ball joint to the Supaloy arms giving the perfect adjustable performance upgrade.

The ball joints and front control arm rear mountings are both priced at £139.00 +VAT and the Supaloy Control arms are £369.00 +VAT. A kit containing all components is priced very competitively at £499.00 + VAT.

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  1. Pastor Tom Kasanda says:

    I would to order the rear control arm bushels for my vw golf Touran 2005 . Which i bought from be forward. The biggest arm bushes dear the wheel. Chassis is WVZZZ1TZ 5W121896. Elf engine 1.6cc

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